Where has the time gone?!!


Only a week left before we open, that time has flown. I think we are all on track, I think! Our coffee machine arrives this weekend, all the way from Italy, so I’m very excited about that, we will truly be a coffee shop once that baby is in!!

My brother made us our booths before he flew off to Australia, so thank you Joseph, he was still in his work clothes half an hour before he left to get the bus! I demand total dedication obviously, but the finished product is worth it. Shane is busy making tables and table legs. There are a few hidden bogbean flowers on a couple of those table legs, stunning.

Our rooms are all finished, save a few minor adjustments and are looking beautiful. I must stop gazing out the windows at the view, must continue cleaning toilets! The glamourous life for me. I’ve had my poor mother worked to the bone, we are now at the last looks stage which is such a relief. She has been such an amazing support.

Starting a new business is quite a daunting task. There is an awful lot more than that whimsical “We’re going to open a cafe” idea we had all those months ago. It’s exciting, it’s scary and the unknown is the unknown. I think we have put in a good effort so far, Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
I’ll let you know 🙂