About us

We are Orla from Connemara and Shane from Kerry. After a few years enjoying life in Kinsale working in outdoor education, we have settled down in Roundstone, Connemara to run our café and guesthouse. We’re sharing our love of fine food, good coffee and the great outdoors, at the Bogbean Connemara.

Bogbean cafe opened in Spring 2015 and offer a friendly service that ranges from that lovely coffee we mentioned, to a hearty meal, a cosy bed for the night and for the more intrepid traveller, adventures such as kayaking and sailing with accredited outdoor pursuits instructor, Shane.

image from commons.wikimedia.org

image from commons.wikimedia.org

a plant of bogs and shallow water which has creeping rhizomes, bean-like three-lobed leaves, and hairy white or pinkish flowers.

Native plant of Connemara

bogbean cafe frontage